Echo Boomers

Other mistake: Jack took Illinois licence plate "BL 91021" off a Subaru SUV to put on the group's truck and put "V 986394" on the Subaru. Illinois truck (< 8,000 pounds) plates have the letter "B" on the middle-right side of the plate. The "BL 91021" would have too many numbers to be valid. By putting a license plate starting with "V" on the SUV - without the letter "B" on the middle-right side - the SUV would not have a truck plate like it should (and would also have too many numbers to be valid). (00:22:49)


Revealing mistake: When the door is kicked in, it does not sound very loud or like a typical door smashing. An interior view shows the door is about half the width of a standard door and a 3-4' board can be seen falling vertically along the door frame/ wall (then disappears). Instead of hearing someone kicking open a door, the sound more accurately matches what happened: a thin door breaking through a board holding it closed! The "breaking in" scene also has some "stupidities." Stewart (without first trying to see if the door was not locked) uses a cordless drill on the door's lock and a second man then uses his right leg to kick it in (without first seeing if the drill unlocked the door). A third man brought a crowbar, which could have easily eliminated the need for someone to bring a drill or for one of the men to risk a foot/ leg injury by kicking open a door. (00:02:11)


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Ellis: We're not just stealing. We're leaving a message. (00:20:03)


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