After We Collided
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Tessa: What's your favorite book?
Trevor: "Principles of Economics" by Alfred Marshall
Tessa: No, it's not.
Trevor: Yes, it is.
Tessa: No, I mean, like fiction. Like a real book.
Trevor: I don't do fiction. I mean, have you seen how I dress?
Tessa: You heathen!
Trevor: Heathen?
Tessa: You heathen. Fiction is an escape from reality. It's a way you can live a hundred lives, or even a thousand.
Trevor: I don't need to live 1,000 years, OK, and I'd rather watch paint dry.


Trivia: This is the sequel to "After" (2019).

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Suggested correction: This isn't trivia, especially since it stars the main cast of characters and is based on the sequel to the book.


Arguably, EVERYTHING is trivia.


No, anything obvious, common knowledge, or easily seen by viewers is NOT trivia. Also, things unrelated to the film or those involved is not trivia.


The "easily seen by viewers" is a bit of a grey area, because people (well, I) do read trivia listings before seeing a movie just for background info. But I agree that not everything can be trivia - it needs to be broadly of note, although granted that's highly subjective!

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