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Corrected entry: When the two motorcycle cops start chasing Kowalski along the dirt track, one calls in a request for previous information on him, by name. But they've never asked for his name, and there's no indication that they've got hold of Kowalski's ID (if they have, then they never give the ID back, either).

Correction: I don't know what movie you are watching but, neither of the two M/C cops calls in for info on him, nor do they have his name. Only later in the movie does Colorado police talk to Nevada police about an original query by Utah police. That's when they mention his name and that would have been easy to find out by the license plate re: the car delivery service.

Corrected entry: How could the two stupid Nevada cops manage to get the the "Vanishing Point" well ahead of Kowalski, who had been driving flat out? They were not important enough to get a helicopter ride. To top it off, "young" stupid was still out of uniform.

Correction: In the original cut (UK Version) there are scenes of K picking up a hitch hiker and him spending the night with her. So K didn't get to the roadblock until the next day, giving the Nevada cops plenty of time to get to the roadblock ahead of K.

Corrected entry: At one point near the end of the film, Kowalski is shown on the CHP "big board" as being East of Mono Lake on the Nevada border, and his only direct route West would have been Hwy 120. Later, he is shown coming South on Hwy 108. Had he chosen this route, his most reasonable route West would have been on Hwy 4 through Stockton, and the minions of the law with their Cats on Hwy 120 would have grown old waiting.

Correction: The movie shows one possible route. Who's to say they didn't set up roadblocks on all the highways heading into California? Kowalski has also been taking handfuls of pills to keep awake, has had hallucinations and has major fatigue. Choosing a more reasonable route would be beyond his capabilities by this point.


Corrected entry: In the final sequence we get a low shot of the bulldozers with the sun as a big ball low on the horizon behind them. But in the shots from there on we don't see any shadows, even those that are meant to portray the scene directly after this sun shot.

Correction: This is not the sun. It is an illusion only Kowalski can see. It's his 'light at the end of the tunnel' per se, and he smiles upon seeing it as he then believes the light indicates he is going to be able to squeeze through unharmed. Yes, we know better, but then we aren't doped up and deprived of sleep. No mistake- just a surreal head-trip moment.


Corrected entry: At the end of the movie just before the Challenger hits the Bulldozers, the right rear wheel on the Challenger changes from a factory Dodge rally wheel to a Cragar S/S wheel.

Correction: I went through the last five minutes of the film before the collision, and found no such shot. In the absence of a clear screenshot or exact time index, I'd say this one isn't true. All three of the Challengers were brand new at the time - all wore factory Rallyes.


Corrected entry: There are several versions of this film, in one when Kowolski stops at the desert house to get drugs he put the car into park with a column shift yet there are numerous scenes of him shifting the 4spd pistol grip throughout the film.

Correction: To my knowledge, there are only two versions of tyhe film (ignoring TV-censored edits). Both are included on the official DVD - the US version and the longer UK version. I checked both and they use the same footage for this shot and in it, Kowalski can be seen putting some real force into throwing the manual shifter forward to put the car in 1st gear (a safety technique in case the parking brake slips). No column shifter is evident (and neither type can be seen from the distant, rear-quarter camera angle). No error here.


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Factual error: At the end of the movie the 1970 Challenger R/T that is shown crashing into the bulldozers is actually a 1967 Chevrolet Camaro at the time of impact. It's visible for just a few frames, from behind at impact (before exploding) and later as it stands on its nose, after the fire is put out. Note the plain steel wheels, painted silver in the latter shot.

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