Arkansas (2020)


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Swin: Excuse me, ma'am? Do you happen to know where the radishes are?
Lady: I don't know, with the vegetables I guess. That's an educated guess.
Swin: [chuckles] New in town, name's Swin.
Lady: Oh, your name's about as dumb as mine. Johnna.
Swin: Pleasure. Really, no tellin' how long I'll be in the area. Yeah, I'm a freelance government auditor. Let's get this courtship underway.
Johnna: I'm on shift tonight.
Swin: What about tomorrow night?
Johnna: Church.
Swin: I'm actually working - did you say Church?
Johnna: Yeah, you should try it sometime.
Swin: I have. We all have.
Johnna: Well, try again. Maybe it'll stick. [Pushes her cart away and Swin chuckles. Swin catches up to Johnna loading groceries into her trunk] Can I help you with something?
Swin: What about Saturday?
Johnna: This is creepy. The radishes and then this following me out to my car. You're... You're just creepy.
Swin: Do you like creepy?


Pat: Would either of you boys like to call me sir? You can if you want. I won't think it's corny.
Swin: We're gonna go traffic drugs across state lines, sir!


[Kyle hears someone breaking into his apartment, tackles the burglar as soon as he opens the door, then restrains the burglar in a nearby closet.]
Colin: Kyle, you here? It's Colin. Tell me you still got it, man. [Kyle points to the bag.] Ooh! That's what I'm talking about! You may wanna step out for a while.
Kyle: Why's that?
Colin: Well, there's a gentleman may stop by. If so, I got to shoot him.
Kyle: Colin, you one crazy son of a bitch. I got a guy in my closet. I don't know if he's the same one you're thinking of.
Colin: Curly headed?
Kyle: Yeah, that's the one.
Colin: And he's alive?
Kyle: So far.
Colin: Pack your shit.
Kyle: Did I just get promoted?
Colin: Yep. You're goin' to Arkansas.


Kyle: What a lot of people don't know about organized crime in the south is that it's not that organized. The term Dixie Mafia has always been too generous, implied too grand a scale.

Kyle: I've always suspected that I didn't want the desirable things in life as much as I should. Women, cars, houses, movies, bands. These things were how people chiseled out a tidy philosophy of life. I never needed a philosophy of life. It's only people who wanted things, felt guilty about getting things and frustrated about not getting things that needed a philosophy. I was just as pleased to get drunk or drink a bunch and not get drunk.

Factual error: It would not be possible for Kyle to see the woman breast-feeding - and certainly not as shown. Kyle was driving an SUV in the left lane and Swin was the front-seat passenger. When a car was approaching the SUV from the right-hand lane and the rear passenger area was approximately side-by-side at the SUV's passenger window (which is DARK-TINTED!), Swin looked toward the car, but his face was right in front of the frame around the windows - he would, at most, see the woman's left shoulder... and the baby was feeding "on the right." I doubt Kyle would have been able to see any part of the woman when he turned his head to look. At most (and this is unlikely given the height of the SUV), he might have gotten a partial glimpse of the woman's left shoulder and only after the car she was riding in was in front of the SUV's windshield (but still in the right-hand lane). (00:07:20)


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