The Murder of Nicole Brown Simpson
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Dr. Tierney: Do you think he loved you?
Nicole: I used to. But I don't anymore. Now I think he only saw me as an object. Something he could control, something he could own. And that's not love, is it?


Nicole: [To Dr. Tierney] My friends used to say that he molded me into what he wanted me to become so that no man could ever take his place. (00:19:20)


Nicole: Godammit.
Faye: It's him? You have to call the cops. He can't keep getting away with this.
Nicole: I can't call the cops.
Faye: Why?
Nicole: Do you think they're going to do anything? He's drinking buddies with half of the LAPD.


Nicole: [to Faye] I'm worried he's going to kill me one day and get away with it. (00:06:38)


Kris Kardashian: Oh, and Bruce sends his love, he couldn't make it. He's hosting a fundraiser in West Hollywood with Heidi Kriger.
Faye Resnick: What a draaag.

Other mistake: Glen/Charlie poured gasoline all over the vehicle he killed Sandra in - including its soft convertible top - but the flames stayed around the car's perimeter. (00:50:54 - 00:51:26)

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