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The Witches is a 2020 Fantasy Adventure re-imagining about a young boy who, while living with his grandmother, discovers an evil witches' plot to destroy all the children on Earth by changing them into helpless mice. Octavia Spenser is a tough but kindly older woman who helps rescue the mice, while Anne Hathaway stars as the gruesome High Witch. There's comedy, some horror, and a surprise ending that together make this one of the better adaptations of this story! Give it a try.

Erik M.

The Witches mistake picture

Continuity mistake: When Grandma serves biscuit and orange juice to the kid, the yellow napkin on the table keeps changing positions between shots: from perpendicular to the table to skewed.

Sacha Premium member

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Question: How come the end credits don't mention Robert Zemeckis as the director?

Answer: They do. I just loaded the movie up on HBO Max, and it's literally the first credit to pop up in the end credits.


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