Voodoo Passion
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Continuity mistake: Inès the Housekeeper is on the boardwalk looking at the ship and the various passengers that disembark. She waves at Mrs. Susan House when she sees her, and walks up to her, meeting there amongst the passengers who just got off the ship...the same dudes (a man with a striped T-shirt, a guy with an open shirt with white pants, one denim-clad guy with a bag) who were lazing around not too far from her when she was on the promenade. (00:04:30)

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Audio problem: In the initial narration, just after the voiceover mentions the gods and "protect men from their own weakness" you can see the singer moving his mouth without any voice being heard, and in the next shot the flute player peeking at the camera laughing to himself instead of playing - but the sound we hear is just perfect anyway. (00:02:00)

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