Beethoven (1992)

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Revealing mistake: When George Newton comes into the house and it is raining he has an umbrella in his hand. If you look outside his door underneath the balcony it's wet, but further down the path the ground is dry.

Continuity mistake: In one shot when the robbers are driving the bread truck, a door appears on the driver's side.

Revealing mistake: The scene with Beethoven in bed with George features a person in a dog suit. It's most obvious when the dog turns around in the sheets and has its mouth wide open. It's obviously not a real dog until the closer shots.


Continuity mistake: In the scene where the robbers were told to destroy all the evidence, they are throwing boxes of papers into a giant stove/inferno. When the scene begins you can see fire and smoke coming from the top of the pipe. A couple scenes later when the Newton family (who is following the vet) pulls up to the same factory, there is no fire or smoke coming out.

Continuity mistake: At the beginning when Beethoven was a puppy, the puppy switches are very noticeable. Especially when Beethoven is making his way to the Newtons' house, the colours of each puppy the film makers use for each scene are very easy to tell apart.

Continuity mistake: In the scene where Beethoven supposedly attacked the man with glasses you can see Beethoven's mouth is covered with blood, but when George Newton is going to get him with the leash, his mouth is clean with no blood.

Revealing mistake: In the shot where Beethoven slobbers on the father's pants during the breakfast scene, you can see him pressing Beethoven's head against his pants, causing the "accident".

Continuity mistake: After Beethoven gets the bagel from the bakery then he shares with the other small dog, the bread changes color from dark to light.


Continuity mistake: While the bullies are playing with Ted on the bus he stands up and they follow him but they stand up from the seat twice.


Revealing mistake: Towards the end while Vernon and Harvey are holding Beethoven the head of the dog is a dummy.


Factual error: The Newton children don't age at all between Beethoven coming to live with the family as a puppy and when he becomes an adult dog.

Continuity mistake: When the family is eating breakfast, Beethoven steals bacon off of a plate on the table. Before he steals it, there are 3 pieces of bacon, then the camera fades off of the bacon and then back on. There are only 2 pieces of bacon on the plate then.

Other mistake: George should be dead or at least seriously injured after he falls from the roof of the warehouse.


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Suggested correction: George falls onto the two thugs, breaking his fall. Granted, he would still likely be injured, but the distance of the fall is probably no more than 15 feet. Likely not fatal and the fall is broken.


Ryce Newton: Oh my gosh Emily's in the pool.
Devonia Pest: The pool.

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Question: Maybe I'm ignorant but shouldn't all those injections of various drugs Dr Varnick gets in the chest kill him?


Answer: It appears he only gets pierced by the needles. The plungers aren't pressed, so he isn't injected with their contents.

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