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Continuity mistake: When Uncle Buck and Tia are talking in the car after Uncle Buck kidnapped Bug, the first 5-6 shots show a red box and some envelopes near the windshield. In the next shot there are two envelopes near the windshield, no red box.

richard dryja

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Suggested correction: The camera moves over to the middle of the car. If you look to the right edge the red box is still there. Maybe a square screen TV won't show it.

Suggested correction: In the first few shots the camera is positioned in front of Buck - note the rear view mirror is on the left of the image. The later shots are with the camera positioned in the middle - note the rear view mirror is now centered. Part of the red box is visible on the far right in the later shots, and the envelope that was on the left is now center right.


Continuity mistake: When Buck is doing laundry, he takes a plate of clothes out of the oven and sits it in front of him. After the shot of him burning himself, the plate has disappeared.

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Suggested correction: The plate is still there and visible. It was moved a foot or so to the right (from Buck's perspective), though not sure where the Shout spray can went.


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Continuity mistake: The scene where the elementary school teacher asks his kid what they did that week. After he asks that question and Maizy raises her hand, look at the desk belonging to the girl in the row next to Maizy. It has crayons and other supplies on it. After the teacher calls Maizy's name, the shot goes back to her, showing the girl in the next row's desk completely empty. (00:58:00)

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Miles: Where do you live?
Buck: In the city.
Miles: You have a house?
Buck: Apartment.
Miles: Own or rent?
Buck: Rent.
Miles: What do you do for a living?
Buck: Lots of things.
Miles: Where's your office?
Buck: I don't have one.
Miles: How come?
Buck: I don't need one.
Miles: Where's your wife?
Buck: Don't have one.
Miles: How come?
Buck: It's a long story.
Miles: You have kids?
Buck: No I don't.
Miles: How come?
Buck: It's an even longer story.
Miles: Are you my Dad's brother?
Buck: What's your record for consecutive questions asked?
Miles: 38.
Buck: I'm your Dad's brother all right.
Miles: You have much more hair in your nose than my Dad.
Buck: How nice of you to notice.
Miles: I'm a kid - that's my job.

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Trivia: In the scene in Maizy's class near the beginning of the film, the little girl with long blonde hair sitting at the desk next to Maizy is a young Anna Chlumsky, who went on to be the star of 'My Girl' and 'My Girl 2'.

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Question: When Uncle Buck is going to the party to get Bug, he is stopped at a red light and there are two parents in the car next to him. The father says, "don't go in there with that hat on, they'll kill you". Why would someone be killed for wearing a hat?

Chosen answer: He's being sarcastic, as Buck says in the beginning some of his hats anger a lot of people, which probably connects to when his hat gets taken by one of the teenagers at the party.

Buck is actually referring to his aviator style hat in the earlier scene about people being angered by it. He's wearing the fedora style hat in the scene en route to the party. But I agree the guy was being sarcastic about teenagers.

Answer: The Uncle Buck movie was made in the late 80s, near the end of the Cold War. And Because the hat resembles the Russian ushanka worn by Russian soldiers in that time, it can be said that wearing it might anger some, especially young Americans opposed to world events at the time.

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