The Call of the Wild

The Call of the Wild (2020)

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John Thornton: This is a map of the Yukon. My son was always reading adventure stories, crazy about the news coming out of the Yukon. Wasn't the gold, he didn't care about that, it was the mountains. He spent all day looking at maps and pictures of the mountains, dreaming about was on the other side, places no-one had been, wild places. We could go, you and me, see what's out there. What do you think?

Factual error: After running the falls the canoe develops leaks that shoot up above the gunwales of the canoe. Water doesn't work that way, the highest that the water can shoot up is the level of the water in the river. Bernoulli's principle makes things even worse if the water is moving relative to the canoe. (01:05:00)


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