The Public Enemy

The Public Enemy (1931)


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Tom Powers: Hiding behind Ma's skirts, like always.
Mike Powers: Better than hiding behind a machine gun.

Putty Nose: Are you alone?
Tom Powers: I'm always alone when I'm with Matt.

Tom Powers: That sister of yours ain't getting any bargain in Mike.

Tom Powers: How goes it, babe? Going south?
Gwen Allen: Yes. But, I'm not accustomed with riding with... eh... strangers.
Tom Powers: We're not going to be strangers.

Tom Powers: Hey, Stupe, that's got gears. It ain't no Ford.

The Public Enemy mistake picture

Continuity mistake: Near the end, when Tom Powers is waiting in the rain to murder Schemer Burns, we see Tom wearing a tall, straight-crowned fedora that is only slightly tilted to his right. Suddenly, and for no apparent reason, we see a close-up of Tom wearing a completely different, taper-crowned fedora that is tilted deeply to his left. This close-up lasts for 7 seconds, then the shot returns to Tom wearing his original tall, straight fedora.

Charles Austin Miller

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