Irrational Man

Irrational Man (2015)


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Rita: When I heard you were coming here, I had fantasies that we'd meet and something special would happen.

Abe: I'm asking you to put our everyday assumptions aside, and trust your experience of life. In order to really see the world, we must break with our familiar acceptance of it.

Abe: It's very scary when you run out of distractions.

Abe: Fifty-fifty odds is better than most people get in life.

Jill: He's very radical, very original. You either love him or hate him, really.

Abe: I wanted to be an active world changer and I've wound up a passive intellectual who can't fuck.

Abe: Anxiety is the dizziness of freedom.

Abe: So much of philosophy is just verbal masturbation.

Abe: I'm Abe Lucas and I've murdered. I've had many experiences and now a unique one. I've taken a human life. Not in battle or self defense, but I made a choice I believed in and saw it through. I feel like an authentic human being.

Professor #1: I hear Abe Lucas is going to be joining the faculty this summer.
Professor #2: Really? That should put some Viagra into the philosophy department.

Abe: I couldn't remember the reason for living, and when I did it wasn't convincing.

Abe: Life's ironic isn't it? One day a person has a morass of complicated, unsolvable problems then in the batting of an eye, dark clouds part and she can enjoy a decent life again. It's just astounding.

Revealing mistake: At the cocktail party in his honor, Rita Richards introduces herself. Joaquin Phoenix's scotch is in a transparent plastic cup, and you notice what happens in most movies, here with particular clarity; when he brings it to his mouth, he does not take even a sip, but just pretends. (00:06:05)

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