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Underwater (2020) is a Science-Fiction thriller about a team of ocean miners verses unspeakable horror in the depths of the ocean in the way of horrible, humanoid mer-things and Cthulhu itself! It's up to poor Norah, played by a bikini-clad and pixie-cut Kristen Stewart, to save the day, between panic-attacks and fleeting moments of adrenaline. Owing much to such classics as Alien, this fish tail just keeps its head above the waters with drowning, implosions and a doomsday script.

Erik M.

Factual error: The way the implosions were simulated isn't exactly accurate. At that depth, going from a pressurized suit immediately to unpressurized would completely crush you, to almost non existence. Instead, in the cases of Rodrigo and the captain, they seem to explode with such a force (an outward exertion of energy) that it blows everything and everyone back. The worst being Rodrigo, he "implodes" (as the movie says) but a regular sized (albeit torn off) human hand hits Norah on her helmet and I think there was a normal sized eyeball that floated by. Again, these parts would be reduced (or flattened) to an unidentifiable size.


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Trivia: The final film released under the "20th Century Fox" banner, which was redubbed "20th Century Studios" after Disney bought the studio from Fox.


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Question: In the beginning of the film, the sea monster thing was mistaken for a level 10-11 earthquake. If it was that powerful, wouldn't it be creating tsunamis? The same thing with their thermal energy core that Sarah blows up. Wouldn't it cause a tsunami? I don't really know geology very well so sorry if this is stupid.

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