Tomorrow Never Dies

Corrected entry: Towards the end, Bond fires with a silencer but the shot is much louder than it should.

Correction: Duplicate entry, already corrected.

Corrected entry: Near the end of the movie Carver says "and I'll be watching and filming from a Carver News chopper". Well nowhere in the movie near the end do we see a news helicopter and he does not have one in the boat. How did he expect to get out and film all this?


Correction: We don't know that there wasn't a chopper on the stealth ship, but Carver probably was going to have somebody pick him up by chopper. But since both the Chinese and British were firing at the stealth ship, the chopper pilots either didn't want to risk getting shot down or were called off.

Corrected entry: When Bond and the Asian girl have jumped out of the window, they grab the banner to escape and rip it. A few shots later we can see the banner and it's not ripped.

Correction: No, the banner is ripped. You can see the black windows and white building color in the middle of the banner.

Corrected entry: In the first scene when Bond tries to get into the plane, the ladder falls during the fight. In the next scene it is intact.

Correction: He kicks it, yes, but it doesn't fall over.

Corrected entry: In the opening scene with Bond hijacking the fighter plane he knocks out the pilot who then slumps in his seat. In the next scene Bond gets into the seat but the pilot's body is nowhere in sight.

Correction: The pilot he knocks out was sitting in the back seat, not the front seat.

Corrected entry: When the baddies are trying to break into the BMW in the hotel car park, sledgehammers are used to try and break the windscreen but they can't do it. Then a machine gun is tried on the bodywork but makes no impact. When Bond is driving it machine gun fire shatters the windscreen as if it is a normal one.

Correction: The security system that's used is never really explained - it's plausible that it hardens the windscreen to make it inpenetrable but unusable for regular driving, meaning the glass can be smashed when the system's disabled.

Corrected entry: In Wai Lin's apartment she tells Bond that Carver said he was moving his plans forward to midnight, but what he actually said was that he was moving his plans forward by 'a few hours'. He didn't specify what time.

Correction: I think she was talking about General Chang, because she also mentions that stealth material was missing from one of his bases.

Corrected entry: In the scene with the Chinese agent at her apartment where she has all the gadgets and weapons, he needs her to type on the computer keyboard because he implies that he does not know Chinese. However, in one of the earliest Bond movies, he asserts that he studied and commanded the Chinese language at Oxford University. There are two variations in the Chinese written language, but every literate person is expected to know both.

Correction: Yes, Bond studies Chinese at Oxford, and yes, he acknowledges that he did in an earlier Bond film, but he hasn't used it for a while and could possibly have forgotten most of it.

Corrected entry: In the opening scene with the MiGs harassing the frigate, the stealth ship closes in. The stealth would be clearly visible from the frigate, yet no lookout announces its presence to the bridge. Even with modern defences/radar, lookouts are required.

Correction: When the MiGs fly over the Devonshire, it is dark, and since the stealth ship is black, it would not show up against the sea. Plus, if there was a lookout, I think he would be more worried about the hostile MiGs than looking around in the water for approaching stealth boats.

Corrected entry: How could a false GPS signal go unnoticed in the area of some of the world's busiest shipping lanes? Are we to believe that that one British ship had the only GPS receiver within range of that satellite?

Correction: No, but remember the signal was encoded (Mr. Gupta had the CIA's encoder). The errant GPS signal was sent on a coded frequency, and it seems the Devonshire was the only one using it. That's probably why they were so sure of their position. (Of course, if they really were where the movie says they were, they'd have detected the coast of China and Vietnam on radar and known something was wrong.)

Corrected entry: When they jump out of the window, Bond's left hand is cuffed to her right hand. In the bike ride afterwards it's his right hand cuffed to her left hand.

Correction: He's just twisted around.

Corrected entry: There is a scene where the Chinese agent and James jump down from a building while they are handcuffed. However when they break through the glass, she goes through one pane, and he through another, with a bar in between them. The bar never appears to be broken.

Correction: The bar between the windows does indeed give way when Bond and the woman jump through. Apparently the building was made of very flimsy materials.

Corrected entry: In the sequence with the Chinese MiGs confronting the British ship for being off position and in Chinese territory, how come the Chinese planes don't also think they're in international waters, like the ship does? Surely the Chinese don't have their own independent GPS system to locate their planes? If the ship is out of position, then the planes should be similarly out of position, thus ruining the story line.

Correction: The red box decoder thing is specific to the English fleet. The Chinese would still have their own, correct, positioning system - Carver obviously would have made sure of this. Plus the MiGs would know how far off-shore they were.

Corrected entry: Why didn't Wai Lin and Bond place the mines on the outside of the ship near the waterline? It would have been much easier to place the mines without being detected and it would have made the ship visible on radar.


Correction: It would have been easier for the crew to spot them on the outside of the ship. Also it would be more difficult for Bond and Wai Lin to get the mines on both pontoons if they were placing them on the outside of the ship - they would have had to place them on one pontoon, then drive the raft around the outside to the other pontoon. They way they did it Bond places them on one side and Wai Lin climbs over to the other side - much easier.

BocaDavie Premium member

Corrected entry: In the opening scene when Bond is flying the jet and the guy in the back is choking him with the garroting wire, when Bond ejects the guy the wire is still wrapped around his neck, and as the other pilot was holding the wire pretty tight, surely the force of the upward motion combined with the tightness of the wire would rip Bond's head clean off, resulting in no more 007.

Correction: He was so suprised by the activation of the ejection seat that he released his grip on the wire. If you were about to crash head-first into the undercarriage of an jet you would also probably drop whatever was in your hands and brace for the impact.

BocaDavie Premium member

Corrected entry: In the car chase, whenever tires get blown out, you can see that explosives were used. When tires blow out in real life, there is not a bright orange and yellow flash.

Correction: Oddly enough, in a blowout, tyres do in fact look like there is an explosion in them because of the heat of the air in them. This is the same principle as when the pump and tyre heat up when you manually fill up your bike tyres. Without the huge physics explanation, the jist is under extreme compression air heats up. As the car was driving, the air in the tyres would have turned hot and the pressure from the expansion of the gas would have caused the flash we see. This is the identical principle that causes cars to go faster with a supercharger.

Corrected entry: When Wai Lin was tied up in the chain and dropped in the water why didn't she either climb up the chain (her hands were partly free) or kick up to the surface? While the climbing might have been difficult, the kick swimming to the surface should have been easy.


Correction: She's wrapped in a heavy metal chain, weighing her down.

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Factual error: As Bond is preparing for the HALO skydive, he is warned that he has to freefall for 5 miles and without oxygen he will be asphyxiated. However, he jumps from a non-pressurised aircraft. Surely when the back hatch opened, the other people standing around would either also start to suffocate or be sucked out.

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James Bond: I think we understand each other.
Q: Grow up, 007.

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Trivia: Teri Hatcher was three months pregnant when she filmed her scenes - she took the part to fulfil her then-husband's ambition to be married to a Bond girl .

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Question: From the way it is portrayed in the movie, it looks like Bond & Wai Lin just head straight for the stealth boat once they spot it. They come at it from the front. I don't see why they would do that. Even if the surveillance guy wasn't paying attention (there's no way Bond could've known that), shouldn't someone on the bridge be able to see the dingy approaching straight at it? It would've made more sense to me if Bond waited for the ship to pass and then come from behind or the sides.

Answer: It's getting dark by this point - Bond and Wai Lin are dressed in black in a dark coloured boat. Anyone looking out of the window would be looking down towards them - they wouldn't be able to pick them out against the sea.

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