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Corrected entry: After Tom is threated with the knife by the bad guy he seemingly disappears from one shot to the next.

Correction: This was put in the movie on purpose to make the audience a little scared and to make the sceen spooky. That's why Tom looked around to see where he went.

Plot hole: When Injun Joe is about to kill Huck, Tom takes notice of the chest full of gold coins and then empties the chest out (offscreen) because it was too heavy for him to lift, and then tricks Injun Joe into trying to retrieve the empty chest, resulting in Injun Joe falling to his death. The amount of time that passes between Tom glancing at the chest and then tricking Injun Joe before he can kill Huck is roughly 5 seconds. There's no way Tom could have emptied out of the chest in that little amount of time if the chest was too heavy for him to lift in the first place, especially without making a sound.

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Tom Sawyer: Huck! Hey, Huck! Muff Potter's my friend. And when a friend's in trouble, you can't run away.

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