Doom: Annihilation

Continuity mistake: Dr. Stone mentions there is an emergency exit below the landing pad. He then asks the pilot if there is a camera underneath. In this shot, the pilot has his eyes partly closed and his lips pursed together. It cuts to a close up of him and suddenly his expression is different, with his eyes wider open and his mouth open. (00:19:50)

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Revealing mistake: The helmets the soldiers are wearing are made for airsoft/paintball players. No military would issue soldiers with helmets that had holes in them for field duty, as that could allow bullets or shrapnel to penetrate the soldiers' skulls.


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Chaplain: Those slabs ain't for travel, they opened up a portal to Hell for those things to come through.
Dr. Malcolm Betruger: Don't be ridiculous, this was just a setback.
Private Carley Corbin: Did you just call what happened today a setback?
Dr. Malcolm Betruger: My business is saving humanity. A handful of lives lost is tragic, but yes... a setback.

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Trivia: References to the game series include: Weapons: the BFG 9000, shotgun and chainsaw Characters: John Carmack (co-creator and former lead programmer of the series), Malcolm Betruger (Doom 3's antagonist) and the ship's AI Daisy (the name of protagonist Doomguy's pet rabbit) Enemies: zombified humans, the fireball hurling creatures (called imps in the game) Quotes: "I'm too young to die", "ultra nightmare" (the easiest and hardest difficulty settings respectively) Additionally, the name William J Blazkowicz is a reference to William Joseph "B. J." Blazkowicz, the protagonist of the Wolfenstein series starting with Wolfenstein 3D, the game that Id Software created prior to releasing the first Doom game.


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