Prudence and the Pill
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Gerald Hardcastle: Well, Ted, you can take it from me that in the entire history of this world no man never yet had any pleasure out of a woman without having to pay it for.

Factual error: The film tells the stories of five male/female couples. They have conflicting aims in their relationships. For example, one wants to become a parent while the other does not want children. Thus they all obtain supplies of contraceptive pills (in bottles) and re-label them as aspirins or vitamin tablets (or vice versa) depending on whether they want pregnancy or not. The bottles get mixed up, causing panic and anxiety for all involved. All the interlocked stories are based on a complete error. Contraceptive pills are not stored in bottles. Contraceptive pills are packaged in 'blister packs'. This basic fact makes a nonsense of the entire film.

Rob Halliday

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