Titan A.E.

Korso and Preed are double agents- they were hired to kidnap Cale and hand him over to the Drej. Cale and Akima realize this and escape to a colony of human survivors. Korso and Preed go off to look for the Titan. Cale and Akima repair an old spaceship and go after them. They make it to the Titan first and find a hologram of Cale's dad. The hologram explains that the Titan has a machine that can create a new planet but, the power cells were drained and Cale must restore them. Korso and Preed arrive and Preed points a gun to Korso. Preed reveals that the Drej paid him to kill everyone- including Korso. Korso and Preed struggle for a while and Korso snaps Preed's neck. Korso then tackles Cale and they faal off the balcony and fall on to a catwalk. Korso is about to fall and Cale tries to save him but, loses his grip and Korso falls to his death. The Drej arrive and are about to blow up the Titan. Akima and Stith buy Cale some time while he tries to repair the ship. A Drej fighter crashes and pins Cale to a wall. Korso then shows up and points a gun at Cale but, he then shoots an emerging Drej pilot. Korso shoots at the Drej while Cale fixes the ship. The Drej retreat back to the mothership, which is a sign they are about to fire their laser. Korso warns Cale and stays behind to fix the ship. While doing so, Korso is mortally wounded. He then takes his gun and fires it into the engines, restarting the ship and heroicly sacrificing himself in the process. Cale activates the machine just as the Drej fire their laser. The laser deflects bacck on the Drej, destroying their ship. A new planet is created and ships full of survivors fly towards it....


Continuity mistake: During the scene where Akima gets out of the shower, we see Cale going over some of the stuff she collected that's sitting on her table. On it there is a baseball and a picture frame that's lying flat on the table. Cale picks up the baseball, says something to Akima and puts the baseball back down on the table, where it rolls over the picture frame as if it was flat as the table.

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Cale: Everyday I wake up and it's still the present. The same grimy, boring present. I don't think this "future" thing of yours exists.

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Question: Before Cale starts to rebuild the ship so he can pursue Corso, he says, "Good, 'cause we launch yesterday." I have no idea what he meant by that statement.

Answer: This is what is called communication by hyperbole (or exageration). Obviously they didn't launch yet, so they couldn't have launched yesterday. He is just saying that they will launch as soon as possible.

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