Don Verdean

Don Verdean (2015)

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Revealing mistake: When Verdean is scrolling the Wikipedia page for the Israeli wrestler "Johnny Jerusalem", the page itself is a well thought out fake one (the wrestler in question is non-existent), but the prop person who made this fake did not bother going all the way through editing the wording of the footnotes ("References" paragraph), that display instead the name of the real wiki page they edited as foundation. The webpage is an edit of the real Wikipedia page of The French Angel, the real life pro-wrestler who was also rumored to be an inspiration for the look of cartoon orc Shrek. All the names and dates have been slightly altered ("Paul Blowzier in New York" instead of Paul Bowser in Boston, "Carl Pohiello" instead of Karl Pojello, etc). (00:37:20)


Continuity mistake: Verdean's team gets interrupted by the Israeli police while they are excavating in the Holy Land. There are two shovels sticking out from the ground next to the digging spot. Before the arrival of the police car, Boaz is leaning against the shovel that is further from the hole, but as soon as Verdean starts quoting the Scriptures, he is leaning on the closer one. (00:33:00)


Continuity mistake: First meeting with Lazarus; the pastor sits down, his wife is just about to, and Verdean's assistant has placed her bag on the table. Next shot, pastor and wife seated, but Miss Jensen is still just only then approaching the chair and putting the bag down. (00:08:25)


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