The Lovers

The Lovers (1958)


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Jeanne Tournier: When I think of you and me, I'm always worried. Perhaps that's what love is.

Bernard Dubois-Lambert: I love you.
Jeanne Tournier: I love you.
Bernard Dubois-Lambert: I love you.
Jeanne Tournier: My love. My life. My heart.
Bernard Dubois-Lambert: My wife?
Jeanne Tournier: Yes. Yes, I'm yours.
Bernard Dubois-Lambert: Say it.
Jeanne Tournier: I love you.
Bernard Dubois-Lambert: Forever?
Jeanne Tournier: Forever.
Bernard Dubois-Lambert: Let's get out of here.

Jeanne Tournier: Aren't you going fishing?
Henri Tournier: No, I thought I'd stay with you.
Jeanne Tournier: He's making a great sacrifice. He adores fishing.
Raoul Florès: I once did too, before polo lured me from the joys of nature.
Henri Tournier: I admire you for playing that croquet on horseback.

Maggy Thiebaut-Leroy: Let me look at you. Love agrees with you. You're unrecognizable.

Henri Tournier: To me Maggy means phony chic, phony society, phony Paris, phony everything. Even her dog's phony.
Jeanne Tournier: You're being nasty.
Henri Tournier: Not at all. I'm very fond of her.

Jeanne Tournier: You seem sad. What's wrong?
Raoul Florès: I'm jealous that you're going home tomorrow to your life, your husband.
Jeanne Tournier: Let's not speak of him.
Raoul Florès: I think I'll move to Dijon and sneak into your room at night like a thief.

Raoul Florès: I was in Russia as a tourist.
Henri Tournier: Then you saw nothing.
Raoul Florès: I found Dostoyevsky, Gogol, Tolstoy.
Maggy Thiebaut-Leroy: Raoul has friends everywhere.

Henri Tournier: You look sad.
Jeanne Tournier: Me? I'm not sad.
Henri Tournier: Why aren't you sad?

Jeanne Tournier: Are Russians really foreign?
Raoul Florès: For a Spaniard like me, no more than Germans or French.
Maggy Thiebaut-Leroy: Germans. That's a bit much.

Jeanne Tournier: You've no idea how important one's hairstyle is in Paris. It can be sleek or windswept, but it must be stylish. It's the hair that makes the dress chic. Thanks to hairstyling, you recognize.
Henri Tournier: Who?
Jeanne Tournier: Everyone. American women, Swedish women, Parisians, provincials - everybody.
Henri Tournier: There's some truth in that.

Jeanne Tournier: Don't trust appearances. Henri's never like this. He's just acting.
Raoul Florès: Good actors can reveal the truth.
Jeanne Tournier: They make lies credible.
Raoul Florès: They tell the truth.

Bernard Dubois-Lambert: Where shall we go?
Jeanne Tournier: It doesn't matter. I'll go anywhere with you.

Jeanne Tournier: We'll sleep together always. I'll take care of you. My life is yours.

Jeanne Tournier: Is this a land you invented for me to lose myself in?

Bernard Dubois-Lambert: Night. I wish it were always night.

Bernard Dubois-Lambert: What are you doing?
Jeanne Tournier: I always keep the tub full and on warm nights, I take a bath. You'll have to get used to that.

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Continuity mistake: Lucy storms out of Michael's car; the car has the hood (almost) entirely in direct sunlight, but when he opens the door to give chase to her it's mostly covered in foliage shadow. (00:06:40)

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