Kansas City Bomber
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K.C. Carr: But you can't just throw Hank on the dump heap after you've used him.
Burt Henry: What the hell you talking about, use him? We're all used! You, me, anybody on two legs! That's what it's all about. That's your American pie for you. You ought to know that by now.

Randy: You bunch of female jock-strappers.

K.C. Carr: Randy, I don't date skaters.
Randy: A skater! I ain't no skater, I am a goddamn star.

Jackie Burdette: I said I'm okay when I'm okay and, ah... I'm okay when I'm not okay. Okay? Okay?

Continuity mistake: When KC Carr visits her mother, daughter, and son she's shown leaving in a taxi. Later she's shown driving her own car. That car seems to vanish when she joins another derby team who travels by bus. Surely the other derby teams she was on had buses.


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