Cotton Comes to Harlem

Revealing mistake: During the messy situation in front of the precinct, one of the militia guys throws one hilariously fake Shoryuken-like punch at someone, missing him by a mile (the head of the guy is not in view, behind other people in the crowd and still you can tell he's not anywhere in range). (01:05:10)

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Revealing mistake: Iris' taxi stops in front of the Apollo. The street is pretty much empty, but once she is shown getting off the cab, there's suddenly cars, people all over the sidewalk and even in the middle of the road, pretty much everyone looking at the camera crew filming. (00:36:50)

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Revealing mistake: When the guy who was stealing money from the lady's garter gets run over by the getaway car, it's obvious that the actor stops way before connecting with the corner of the car - and the trajectory of his bump afterwards does not make any physical sense. (00:15:15)

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Revealing mistake: As the final chase for Deke starts, Ed tosses a wicker basket at Iris. The toss is already pretty weak looking, but to make matters worse, Judy Pace tosses the gun on purpose in front of her a moment after being 'hit'. (01:28:55)

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Continuity mistake: When the police catches the pickpocketer at the beginning, they literally lift him off the ground. There is a close-up shot in between, and the lack of continuity is apparent in the hand position of the man. Not just that: vehicles obviously disappear and appear in every cut.

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Gravedigger Jones: Hey, Ed.
Coffin Ed: What is it?
Gravedigger Jones: Look at this. Cotton, from inside the meat truck.
Coffin Ed: One thing for sure, it ain't drugstore cotton.
Anderson: What is it?
Coffin Ed: It's raw, unprocessed cotton. Like from a bale.
Gravedigger Jones: Ohhh, it's a long time since I've seen cotton like that.
Coffin Ed: Digger, you ain't never seen no raw cotton before. You were born and raised right here in New York, just like me.

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