Cotton Comes to Harlem

Factual error: It's common in movies of certain eras to have cars catch fire when in real life they would not, and the car flip that concludes the chase at the beginning of the movie offers an example of that...but goes even further, much further, when you see the armored van impacting against the roof of the flipped car causing it to explode with such violence and inferno of flames coming from within the passenger seats you'd swear it had to be driven by giant dynamite sticks with arms and legs. (00:15:25)

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Continuity mistake: When the police catches the pickpocketer at the beginning, they literally lift him off the ground. There is a close-up shot in between, and the lack of continuity is apparent in the hand position of the man. Not just that: vehicles obviously disappear and appear in every cut.

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Gravedigger Jones: Hey, Ed.
Coffin Ed: What is it?
Gravedigger Jones: Look at this. Cotton, from inside the meat truck.
Coffin Ed: One thing for sure, it ain't drugstore cotton.
Anderson: What is it?
Coffin Ed: It's raw, unprocessed cotton. Like from a bale.
Gravedigger Jones: Ohhh, it's a long time since I've seen cotton like that.
Coffin Ed: Digger, you ain't never seen no raw cotton before. You were born and raised right here in New York, just like me.

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