Three Kings

Corrected entry: Before the sliding milk truck comes to a halt the impression of movement is cleverly created by zooming into truck. If you look at the wheels in the sand in slow motion you see that the truck is not moving.



Correction: The rules of the site are clear...if it requires the use of slow motion to be seen, it is not a mistake.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: SSgt. Chief Elgin a "chief" which is a warrant officer in the Army. However, he is wearing Staff Sergeant rank, which is an enlisted soldier.

Correction: "Chief" is his first name. He's listed as Ssgt. Chief Elgin.

Corrected entry: In the scene where George Clooney and the 3 other soldiers practice "a dry run" for pulling up to the bunker, they pull up to a cow and pretend it's a guard. Then the cow steps on a cluster bomb and blows up spraying blood all over the uniforms of the soldiers. However, several scenes later, the uniforms are completely clean except for dirt. This continues for the rest of the movie. There was no time or place for the soldiers to clean their clothes.


Correction: After the cow blows up there is blood on their uniforms and it is still there when they arrive in the town. It is just hard to see because the blood is dark red on camouflage and has been dried by the wind from the Humvee drive. A refugee also exclaims something along the line of 'look they are barbarians covered in blood' when they arrive to the town.

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It is said in the film that Ice Cube's character works in an airport in Detroit. When the scene shows Ice Cube at work as a baggage handler, there are mountains in the background. There are no mountains in the Detroit area.



When the scene where the cow is blown up was threatened to be cut due to money constrictions George Clooney paid for the effect out of his own pocket feeling it important to the scene. He was right, the scene was wildly popular with audiences. (Source George Clooney Biography at