American Angels: Baptism of Blood

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9.5/10. The second best women's wrestling movie behind All The Marbles. The movie's a fun, silly romp, perfect for Friday or Saturday night viewings. If you expect it to be serious well you'll be disappointed as the movie doesn't take itself serious which is good. Mimi Lesseos, despite her mistakes on not denouncing the poor choices she made resulting in her single motherhood, is the real star here. She's the world champion who fears being pushed aside for the younger Jan Mackenzie who aims to follow her dream of being a wrestler, all while having a relationship with Mimi's boyfriend. The best ending to a fight movie I've seen happens here, it's great movie, watch it and just relax.


Plot hole: They seem to break a lot of rules in the main event between Mimi Lesseos and Jan Mackenzie's. They brawl outside the ring long enough to be counted out, choke outs on the ropes long enough to be disqualified are some examples.


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Trivia: Both Mimi Lesseos and Jean Kirkland who star in the movie are actual wrestlers, they wrestled as Magnificent Mimi and Black Venus for the AWA, WWF, and LPWA.


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Question: Why would they tape a match between Mimi and Jean Kirkland in a studio instead of selling tickets and making money off it?


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