Expelled (2014)


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Principal Truman: Two suspensions. The first was in September, for rewiring the cheerleaders fund-raiser money to a koala bear sanctuary.
Felix O'neil: Noble cause, don't you think?
Principal Truman: I think you owe an apology to a dozen cheerleaders.
Felix O'neil: I think that there are two dozen koalas that would disagree with that, Gary,.

Felix O'neil: Difficult, yes. Impossible... probably yes but that's never stopped us before.

Felix O'neil: Most parents would disown you if you have an F on your report card. But seven F's? That's a death sentence.

Continuity mistake: Felix pushes the fire alarm button and exits the building. As his buddy Danny reaches him, it's obvious that multiple takes of the scene have been made, since some extras that were meters ahead of him are just passing him by at the very first cut. (00:04:30)

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