The Thomas Crown Affair

Continuity mistake: In the restaurant having dinner Rene's pearl necklace starts untwisted then twists and later untwists. To do this that necklace would have to be unclasped and manually twisted.

Character mistake: Thomas rips off his one glove as he makes his escape but then grips the bottom edge of the security door to slide under it. Smooth metal door would leave perfect finger and palm prints. I doubt detectives would miss prints on a door that was normally recessed away from the public. His prints may not be on file but would be easy to obtain once he was under suspicion. (00:19:20)

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Trivia: After Thomas has stolen the first painting and is coming out of the museum main gates, you can see a balcony in the background with a man in a bowler hat and suit standing on it. A clue to viewers who notice it maybe?

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Question: Can anyone tell me what Katherine is drinking in the morning - the greenish blue drink - about which she says "Don't ask what it is"? I know its never answered in the movie, but can anyone make an educated guess?

Answer: It's a health drink that is primarily made of seaweed and sea-kelp. It's actually not that bad tasting.


It's "Green Machine" by naked or "original super food" by Odwalla.

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