Good Boys

Question: I don't understand Max's punishment. In the ending, Max says "a month in the hole", but his father tells him that birthdays, holidays, and summers are cancelled. He also tells his son that "the devil lives inside him", to no longer call him "Dad", takes away his electronics, locks him in his room, and says that he will always love him, but no longer likes him. So, is Max grounded for life or is it "a month in the hole"? Are his birthdays, holidays, and summers really cancelled? And does anyone else find this ending to a comedy actually depressing because of the way Max's father treats him in the end?

Cody Fairless-Lee

Answer: He is grounded for a month, although he cannot have birthday parties or summers or anything.

So, even after being grounded for a month, he can't celebrate his birthday or summer vacation?

Cody Fairless-Lee

Continuity mistake: When they are trying to pop Lucas' arm back into its socket he has a ball gag in his mouth. Watch, as the depth of him sucking on the ball gag changes. Sometimes it's near the front of his mouth, sometimes he has it almost completely swallowed.

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Thor: Look what I found at school today.
Lucas: What is it?
Thor: I have no idea.
Max: That's a tampon. Girls shove it up their buttholes to stop babies from coming out. An eighth grader told me that.

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