Toy Story 4

Trivia: The antiques store has the date 1986 - the same date Pixar was founded.


Trivia: At the antiques store there is an LP of Ernesto de la Cruz from Coco.


Trivia: On the back of the carnival worker's leg is a tattoo of the Pizza Planet delivery truck.

Trivia: Don Rickles was signed on to reprise his role as Mr. Potato Head, but sadly died before recording any dialogue for the film. However with his family's approval, the production team went through everything he'd recorded in the past for the Toy Story franchise, including games, shorts, theme park material, etc. They managed to get together enough previously-unheard material that could be used for this movie, ensuring his characterisation could live on.

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Trivia: One of the items Bo Peep's sheep gather is the grape pop bottle cap badge from Up.


Trivia: At the store there is painting with some dogs playing cards - those are from Up, another Pixar movie.


Trivia: When Bonnie and her mum go on a road trip with Woody and Forky, they stop at a Dinaco station. Dinaco was the name of Lightning McQueen's pit team in Cars.


Trivia: At the carnival there is a clown on a wall that resembles the clown from Red's Dream, a short film by Pixar.


Trivia: While Bonnie is playing in her room she wears a Nemo life saver.


Trivia: The guitar from Coco is seen among the prizes of the shooting stand.


Trivia: One of the children at Kindergarten is Boo from "Monsters Inc".

Trivia: When they enter the pinball machine Ben Kenobi and the Walrus man from Star Wars are there, bottom right of the screen. Ben Kenobi is cutting the Walrus Man's arm off and a Wilhelm scream can be heard.

Trivia: When they enter the pinball machine, the clockwork one man band toy is seen, from one of Pixar's very early films. Bo Peep speaks to him.

Other mistake: When Jessie pops the tire on the RV, Bonnie's dad gets upset and says "I just bought it." Throughout the rest of the film however, he says the RV is a rental.

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Suggested correction: Not exactly a mistake considering he bought a rental.

That's a self-contradicting statement. Buying something means you have ownership of it. Renting something means you pay for its use with the understanding that it will be returned at a specified time. You can't buy a rental any more than you can rent something you buy.

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Suggested correction: At best it's a character mistake. As he was exasperated as Bonnie's mother says to her "Daddy's going to use some words" apparently meaning he was going to swear.


If it's a character mistake, it's still a mistake, so no correction is needed. I think it's a valid other mistake because it's the screen writers flipping back between owning and renting, but not an actual plot hole. I've been exasperated with a rental before and never in my anger or frustration said I bought the rented item.


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