The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part
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Wyldstyle: You are not our leader.
Batman: How many movies are made about you? None. I have nine movies, and three more currently in development.


Wyldstyle: Bruce?
Bruce Willis: Willis. Yeah. I spend a lot of time in air ducts.I definitely don't live up here... I have a home.

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Emmet Brickowski: Lucy.
Wyldstyle: Emmet! Did you draw stubble dots on your face?
Emmet Brickowski: What? No.


Rex Dangervest: And my middle name's Machete Ninjastar, so I know tough. And Emmett is one tough cookie. He's a cookie so tough and hard, you can't even chew it, 'cause it turns out it's not a cookie, it's a chainsaw. (00:52:20)

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Emmet Brickowksi: It's a dead end!
Rex Dangervest: My CPD, convenient plot device, shows there's a planet right below us!

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Gandalf: You remember what happened with the Justice League. Now with Batman gone and Marvel not returning our calls, there are no real heroes left. (00:21:05)

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MetalBeard: Welcome to Shark Week! (00:13:25)

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Emmet Brickowski: Hang on to your fronds, Planty. We're going to save Lucy! And... all of the other people who were captured.


Batman: Are you covering up some un-dark past?
Wyldstyle: No! It, I... It's not who I am. It's just hair. Look, if I pop it off, am I Bruce Willis now?
Bruce Willis: I don't think so.

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Wyldstyle: That queen is never gonna break us.
Unikitty: She just wants to throw a party.
Wyldstyle: It's clearly a cover for some catastrophic event.
Batman: Yeah. Marriage, am I right? No one's tying down this Batman Forever.
Metal Beard: Oooh, reference!

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Superman: It's great here, I never wanna leave. By the way, "S" stands for "Silly" now. I'm Sillyman. (00:43:45)

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Emmet Brickowski: Hurry! The door is slowly closing!
Wyldstyle: Good thing the door is closing so slowly and dramatically.

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Wyldstyle: Emmet, you've gotta stop pretending everything is awesome. It isn't.
Emmet Brickowski: Yeah. I get it. And that's why I cultivated a hard-edged side that's super-tough and-Look! Look! A shooting star! Make a wish.

Rex Dangervest: Do you mind if I save your life?
Emmet Brickowski: Not at all.

Emmet Brickowski: How is there outer space under this sidewalk?
Rex Dangervest: I told you, nothing in this place makes sense.

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Emmet Brickowski: Hey, you broke my ship.
Rex Dangervest: Listen, kid, you can build anything, but there ain't nothing you can't break.
[Both laugh.]
Emmet Brickowski: I don't get it.

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Emmet Brickouwski: Who are you?
Rex Dangervest: The name's Rex. Rex Dangervest. Galaxy defending archaeologist, cowboy, and raptor trainer, who likes building furniture, busting heads, and having chiseled features, previously hidden under baby fat.
Emmet Brickowski: Whoa!

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Emmet Brickowksi: You're couchin' for an ouchin'. (00:19:25)

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General Mayhem: Bring me your fiercest leader.
Batman: Yeah, that's me. This guy. Coming through. I'm the leader, obvs.
Wyldstyle: You? I don't think so!
Batman: How many movies have they made about you? Cause there are like, nine about me. And like three others in various stages of development.

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Duplo Alien: You missed me.
Batman: No, I did not.

Continuity mistake: After the alien abduction, Emmet plans to lead a rescue mission and opens the gate asking "Who's coming with me?" During the sequence, the shadows change completely. At first he is not casting much of a shadow, then it reaches the metal doors, then it stops midway towards it. (00:20:55)

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Trivia: After the Justice League go into the Stairportal, it cuts to giant words saying 5 Years Later. This is a joke and jab at the same kind of 5 years later cut in Avengers: Endgame.

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