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Rosa Dasque: Compared to the breadth of knowledge yet to be known... what does your life actually matter?

Dr. Katya Petrovna: Life on Earth began in the ocean, so in some ways this mission will be like taking a trip back in time.

Dr. Samantha Unger: As the ship passed the moon, it had already gone further than any human being had ever gone before. Think about that. Across all of human history, that moment was the farthest anyone had ever gone. But they still had millions upon millions of miles to go. Our craft was heading for a moon of Jupiter known as Europa.

Andrei Blok: What would you do if you get out there and find nothing?
William Xu: Well, even if we found nothing it's an effective discovery.

Dr. Samantha Unger: Andrei and James had to do an EVA to repair the system. A bit like performing ballet and rocket science at 125,000 miles an hour.

Factual error: In this relatively low-budget but extremely well-produced 2013 science fiction film, a 6-man crew travels from Earth to Europa (one of the moons of Jupiter) to search for traces of life in the vast oceans beneath Europa's icy surface. One of the astronauts dies in-transit, leaving 5 crewmembers to complete the mission. When the large "Europa One" interplanetary spacecraft arrives at its destination, all 5 surviving crewmembers descend in a small landing craft to the moon's surface, leaving the Europa One spacecraft in orbit, totally unmanned. This is an inconceivable factual blunder. The narration plainly states that this mission picked up where manned lunar missions of the 1970s left off; so, many of the same protocols are in place. Just so, no manned space mission would ever abandon the primary space vehicle in orbit, placing the mission at risk by sending the entire crew down together in a landing party. At least two astronauts should have remained aboard the orbiting Europa One just in case the landing mission went sideways (as it does in this film).

Charles Austin Miller
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