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Brother Swan: The darker the whore... the brighter the flame. (00:58:20)

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Jeremiah Sand: Hey, why don't we offer up the porker to them? Just to seal the deal.
Brother Swan: That is such a good idea. That lard-ass... he couldn't find his nose in a mirror.

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Red Miller: You are a vicious snowflake. (01:19:55)

Brother Swan: Better to burn out than fa... hkk... blurb.

Caruthers: These arrows cut through the bone like a fat kid eats cake. (01:10:20)

Jeremiah Sand: Shut UP! Shut up, shut up, shut up, shut up! Don't you fucking look at me.

Red Miller: You ripped my shirt! you ripped MY shirt. (01:23:40)

Factual error: Spoiler! The cultists burned Mandy alive by wrapping a sleeping bag around her, putting gas on her and hanging her from a metal swing set and setting her on fire. After Red frees himself later and craws up to her remains, it's shown that she is barely a pile of ash with her skull still somewhat in shape when he picks it up. It then crumbles into just ash showing she had been fully burnt to the very center. This would not have been the case with how they burned her. Their was nowhere near enough heat or kindling to keep her body burning long enough to turn completely to ash with no remains like that. She would have died, yes, but would have mostly stayed intact as a single body burnt very bad. Bones, features, charred organs would still have been left behind. (01:04:00)

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