The Girl in the Spider's Web

Plot hole: When Lisbeth is able to raise the bridge therefore stopping her from being chased, while the villains in the car couldn't continue chasing her, they could have continued shooting at her from the raised bridge - having an even better vantage point - but for some reason they stopped shooting.


Plot hole: When Lisbeth's techie friend "Plague" sets up outside her childhood mansion in the van with the radar dish, no-one in the mansion notices this big van with a big radar dish pointing at the mansion even when one of the villains is able to find a lone sniper "Ed Needham" on a distant hill.


Continuity mistake: After Elizabeth drives her motorbike off the peer, across the frozen lake and stops while she looks back at the police, the Ducati suddenly has different tires than earlier in the escape sequence. (00:25:55 - 00:27:05)

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