Continuity mistake: When the Senator is first called out of session he's talking to the other guy.The Senator asks 'When was this?' and looks to him. In the next shot he's facing more forward. (00:10:30)

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Continuity mistake: When we first see the interview room with Axel Torvalds in, a detective is standing behind him and his lawyer. He then goes to lean on the desk with one hand remaining on his hip. In the next shot he's put both hands on the table. (00:18:10)

Visible crew/equipment: After the '60 seconds test' Stan goes to the bathroom. After Ginger says 'I really wanna help you Stan' he moves to the towels. Watch the mirror to the far left of the screen and you'll see the boom mic to the top-right of the mirror just before the shot changes. (00:29:40)

Visible crew/equipment: When they are about to attack the bank, there are Humvees that are travelling along the roads. When they beep someone off the middle of the road, as the second one goes by you can see the reflection of the camera in the side door.

Continuity mistake: Throughout the chase scene several cars appear at least twice. The most noticeable are an Oldsmobile Sedan, A Lincoln coupe, and a mustang convertible. (00:59:10 - 01:01:20)

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Continuity mistake: When Stanley is hitting golf balls from the top of his trailer, we see a close-up of his left hand placing the ball on the tee. In the next shot, he's still leaning down, but now it's his right hand which has been placing the ball.

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Continuity mistake: During the scene in the nightclub where John Travolta first tells Hugh Jackman to hack entry in 60 seconds instead of 60 minutes, Vinne Jones is holding a gun to Hugh's head. As the shot switches back & forth during the scene, you see Vinnie is holding the gun two handed in 1 shot, & single handed in the other. This is repeated a few times as the shot changes.

Continuity mistake: When Torvalds is alone with Roberts, there is a shot of Roberts saying "I shot a suspect in the hand" with his tie out of the coat. Two shots later when he says "Do you know how difficult?" his tie is inside the coat.

Factual error: In the beginning, when Halle Berry is going to get Hugh Jackman, there is a caption saying "Midland, Texas". Midland does not look like that! There are no hills, and hardly any green vegetation. That couldn't have been shot anywhere in West Texas, especially not Midland. (01:31:55)

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Revealing mistake: At the end of the car chase scene between the TVR and the SUVs, the last SUV crashes into a wall, explodes and flips over into a diner. During the explosion you can see a piston pushing the car over.

Factual error: Early in the film they cut to a scene with the title Washington D. C. and you can see in a long shot the very distinctive building "The Bonaventure Hotel" which is in downtown Los Angeles. This building is one of a kind and there are no buildings like this in Washington DC. Also the buildings in the long shots of this scene are high rises. So even if you don't know the uniqueness of the hotel a lot of people do know that Washington DC does not have such tall buildings because of height restrictions.

Factual error: Jackman's character states that he will hack into the government's network using an old PDP-10. The command line interface for a PDP-10 should be shown on the monitors. None of the shots of the monitors in the movie show a PDP-10 command line.

Continuity mistake: When Stanley has to hack in the computer for the first time in one minute with the gun on his head, Gabriƫl says he has one minute. But it is much longer than just one minute.

Factual error: Some of the IP address listed during his cyber hack are not real IP address (ie. 293.*.*.*) The highest possible number is 255. This was done for the same reason that movies use 555- for phone numbers: to prevent enthusiastic moviegoers from actually reaching any real person or entity.

Continuity mistake: Just after Hugh drops off his daughter, a cop gets into the car. Hugh then reverses, hits Don's car damaging the passenger door and smashing the glass. Then they tumble down the cliff, but when Hugh slams into the car at the bottom of the cliff, the door and glass are intact.

Factual error: In the opening sequence of the movie, Travolta's speech invokes the Sidney Lumet film "Dog Day Afternoon", but says it was released in 1976. In reality, DDA came out in 1975.

Visible crew/equipment: When Gabriel and Stan make the deal he's sitting at the computer and he swivels round to face the screens. When he's taking his jacket off look to the upper right part of the screen. The boom mic is just poking down far enough to be seen and wobbles continually. (00:36:05)

Continuity mistake: During one of the two explosion scenes you can clearly see the wire that is used to keep the bonnet (and boot) from flying off too far.

Continuity mistake: When the car stops at the bottom of the hill that the three blokes have fallen down, its a dusty blue colour, camera pans away, returns, and it changes to a nicely polished dark car. (00:44:27)

Factual error: When John Travolta flies in a helicopter to kill the congressman who is fishing, the caption states that they are in Bend, Oregon, when actually they are in Redmond, Oregon.

Ginger: If you want a chance in hell at getting your daughter back, you better listen up. Unless of course, you want to stay here, in this loser existence, while your daughter grows up to be the fluffer in her daddy's new videos.
Stanley Jobson: Please pay me the courtesy of not confusing your own childhood with my daughter's.

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Trivia: John Travolta's car is a TVR Tuscan which cannot be sold in the United States because it does not comply with federal emission level standards.


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Question: Can anyone translate what Axel Torvalds and his lawyer say to each other in their conversation after Agent Roberts is decoyed away by the fake phone call? The film doesn't provide subtitles because it isn't essential to the plot, but I'm still curious.

Phil C.

Chosen answer: Scene 1: T: Funktioniert alles noch? (Everything all right?) L: Es geht (more or less). Scene 2: L: Sagen Sie nichts mehr (Don't say anything). T: Ja. L: Ich kriege Sie hier raus und zurueck nach Europa (I will get you out of here and back to Europe). T: Sie wissen, dass die beiden Affen noch hinter dem Spiegel sind (You know that these two monkeys are behind this mirror). Scene 3: L: Das macht die Lage auch nicht besser (That doesn't improve the situation). The Lawyer speaks German as a foreign language, Thovald's German is perfect.

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