Bad Times at the El Royale

Corrected entry: Possible spoiler! At one point, Father Flynn tells Darlene Sweet that he likely has Alzheimer's Disease. The film is set in 1968, and the term "Alzheimer's" as a specific diagnosis was not commonly used until after a 1977 medical conference.

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Correction: The term "Alzheimer's" did exist prior to 1977 and was a valid diagnosis. The medical conference mentioned only set to change the use of the term as they began to understand the pathology of the disease and now understood elderly patients could develop Alzheimer's as well, which differs than senile dementia. Prior to 1977, the disease was only diagnosed in patients under 65.

Corrected entry: Miles was just hurt by the glass in his face, but his body was hit by a bullet, just like the FBI agent.

Correction: Miles was not hit by a bullet. A shotgun was fired at the FBI agent and some of the pellets smashed the window. These fragments of glass hit him in the face.

Correction: This entry is far too vague with no context of when or where in the film this happens.

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Continuity mistake: Spoiler alert: At the end of the movie "Rose" stabs "Miles." We see her pull out the knife and it looks like a Rambo-type hunting knife. After she stabs him, we see the knife covered in blood but it is a different type of knife. It looks more like a skinning knife or filet knife.

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