Blockers (2018)

Plot summary

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Three teen girls make a plan that on prom night, they are going to all have sex and lose their virginity. Their parents catch wind of this and set out on a mission to stop them at all costs.

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Factual error: Right at the start of the film, it shows the girls going up for the first day of school which would have been around Fall. It shows tulips blooming in the garden, but tulips only bloom during the spring. (00:00:55)

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Hunter: W, W, V, D, D?
Lisa: What would Vin Diesel do?

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Trivia: The scene that takes place in the back yard is actually the same location that was used in the 2016 movie Fences. In fact, the fence in the scene is the same one that was built by Denzel Washington in that film. (00:17:10 - 00:21:40)

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