A.X.L. (2018)

2 mistakes

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Directed by: Oliver Daly

Starring: Becky G, Dominic Rains, Ted McGinley, Thomas Jane

Genres: Sci-fi

Other mistake: Miles, a 17 - or 18-year-old whose "grades were trash", may have been able to fix his motorcycle, but it seems highly unlikely that he would be able to fix (a few times) a highly advanced robotic dog like A-X-L. [A-X-L was able to self-correct certain things.].


Continuity mistake: A-X-L frequently varied in size. For example, sometimes its head looked massive compared to Miles, being about the size of Miles from his head to waist. Other times, A-X-L's head looked about twice the size of Miles' or Sara's head. A-X-L's body was sometimes about the same size of Miles' motorcycle but much larger other times. A-X-L looked much smaller when it was dragging Sam compared to when it was standing over Sam.


Trivia: A-X-L (robotic dog) stands for Attack - eXploration - Logistics.


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