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The Humanity Bureau (2017)

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Agent Adam Westinghouse catches up to Noah, Rachel and Lucas as they are almost to the boarder to escape into Canada. Confronting them, Adam shoots Rachel in the head in front of her son and kills her. Noah tries to bargain for the boy's life and hands over a memory card and tells Lucas to run. Adam scans the memory card only to find it's blank and then shoots Noah in the head. Lucas returns, enraged, throwing rocks at Adam and the other agents who take him, but not before a sniper shoots and kills Adam and his men. Lucas is rescued by the people of Canada and it turns out that the real memory card was hidden in the lucky rabbit's foot that Noah gave him all along. Containing the details of the truth about New Eden, the crematorium and death camp, and a video recording from Noah which sparks the revolution to have the people revolt against the US Government and the Humanity Bureau.

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Revealing mistake: At the beginning as Noah's vehicle is reaching the edge of New America, there is a shot of a drone swooping down over a hill to follow him. As the drone comes onto screen, there is dust and debris animated to come up at the camera as it blows around its environment. However this small bit of superimposed bad special effects is the only thing it seems to affect. It swoops down right next to some tall dead grass and other plants, on a dusty hill. But not one item of the real environment is blown or even moves in the slightest from this drone passing by it from inches away. (00:01:30)

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Trivia: In the final scenes of the film, Noah Kross, played by Nicolas Cage, is wearing a mechanic's jacket. On the badge on his jacket is the name "Ray." Coincidentally, in his very next film called Looking Glass, Nicolas Cage plays a character named Ray. (01:21:55)

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