Summer of Sam

Summer of Sam (1999)

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Richie (Adrien Brody) is almost taken to Luigi by Joey and his friends because they think Richie is the Son of Sam serial killer. The real Son of Sam (real name: David Berkowitz) was arrested earlier. Eddie, husband of Richie's mother, helps Richie by telling Joey and his friends that the real killer has already been arrested. The Yankees win the World Series against the Dodgers thanks to Reggie Jackson's home runs. About 3,700 people were arrested after the infamous blackout. Elvis dies that same year. David Berkowitz was imprisoned for six life sentences.


Factual error: Set in the summer of 1977, serial killer David Berkowitz is seen throughout the film wearing a US Army woodland camouflage pattern field jacket. The Army did not start using these jackets nor were any ever made until the early 1980's. They were all solid green until then.

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Ritchie: All right. What do you want me to tell you? Get a fuckin' divorce, then.
Vinny: Divorce is fuckin' evil, Ritchie. You got some fuckin' really bad advice.
Ritchie: Evil spelled backwards is live.
Vinny: You're a corny fuck, you know that?

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Trivia: The f-word is used 315 times.

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