Addams Family Reunion

Trivia: The story behind this film is quite strange. While the theatrical rights to the series was owned by Paramount whom produced the 1991/1993 films, due to a contractual loophole the children's media studio Saban managed to secure the home-video rights - allowing them to make this unrelated direct-to-video film so long as it wasn't shown in theaters. Director Dave Payne was brought in, and wanted to make a quirky, dark kids movie that was tonally similar to the films of the Cohen Brothers, except set in the "Addams Family" universe. Instead, Saban vetoed all of his ideas, and instead forced him to make a carbon-copy of the other films, despite being unrelated, except they also demanded that all of the dark humor be removed, in order to make the film appeal exclusively to children under 12.


Trivia: Despite being unrelated, this movie does have two cast members from the 1991 and 1993 "Addams Family" theatrical films. Carel Struycken as hulking butler "Lurch" and Christopher Hart, whom portrays the living-hand "Thing." Struycken was brought in simply because he was one of the only actors who was big enough to play the character, while Hart was actually neighbors with director Dave Payne, and agreed to reprise the role in this reboot as a favor.


Trivia: Though this film is oft-cited as a "sequel" to the 1991 and 1993 "Addams Family" movies, it is actually a "reboot" that was produced and distributed by a completely different studio, and was actually created to serve as a "backdoor pilot" for the subsequent television series "The New Addams Family."


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