State and Main

Revealing mistake: Joseph White is having his glasses fixed by Ann. Ann asks a local passer by for some fishing line from her fishing kit. As the glasses are being fixed Joseph gets a fishing hook stuck in his finger. At first we see the hook embedded in his finger, but in the next cut we see Joseph showing the finger and hook to Ann. You can see that the line and hook are tied around his finger.

Continuity mistake: Joe and Annie are running in the rain to her shop and they pass Bucky, the firehouse dog at the firehouse. Joe and Annie go into her shop and you can clearly hear Joe firmly close the door. Shortly after, they are about to kiss and Bucky jumps up between them. They take him outside and the door closes behind them, locking them outside. If the door automatically locks when it closes, how did Bucky get inside in the first place?

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Walt Price: How are we coming with the dead horse scene?
Marty Rossen: You can't actually kill the horse.
Walt Price: Aw, fuck me.

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