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Anastasia Steele: I just can't believe this is my life, that I get to live with you.

Other mistake: During the Honeymoon Montage at the beginning of the film, there's one moment where Christian and Ana are on The Fair Lady boat and Ana's wearing a spaghetti strap shirt/dress and Christian's wearing a blue denim shirt. This would if not later on in the movie we see Ana slipping on this shirt and Christian in the blue denim shirt, AFTER the montage scene even though it hasn't happened yet. This is even more evident by a deleted scene - The Hickey/Apology Scene - which takes place just before Ros called to tell Christian and Ana about the fire at GEH. So, basically, they wore these clothes before it was actually shown in the movie.

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Question: I've only seen this movie once so far and I haven't read the book yet, so my question is, what exactly happened in the scene where Ana said one of the safe words for the first time? I don't really understand what made her say that; was Christian teasing her too much or something?

Answer: He was trying to make her understand how she made him feel whenever she broke a promise (usually about her safety) by punishing her and it became too much, too intense. She also felt like it was revenge instead of love.

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