Maze Runner: The Death Cure
Movie Quote Quiz

Gally: You guys are nuts.

Minho: Gally, why are you helping us? I put a spear through your chest.
Gally: Well... Nobody's perfect.

Brenda: You can't save everyone, Thomas.
Thomas: I can try.

Thomas: How many kids do they have to roud up, torture, kill? When the hell does it stop?
Teresa: It stops when we find a cure.
Thomas: There is no goddamn cure.

Brenda: Am I missing something here? This is the same girl who betrayed us, right? The same bitch?
Gally: I like her.

Thomas: Look, even if we find Minho, there's no guarantee we'll make it back from this.
Newt: Well, you'll need all the help you can then, won't you? Well, we started this together, may as well end it that way, too.

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