The Fourth Man

After the two men have sex in the cemetery, Gerard notices three funeral urns in the mausoleum. Each of them is one of the three men that appear in the movies he watched. He tries desperately and in vain to warn Herman about the imminent death that awaits one of them if they continue to hang out with Christine. Gerard heads out of the cemetery to leave Vlissingen and is followed by Herman who offers him a lift to the station, but on the way there they have a car accident. Various iron bars break through the windscreen, fatally hitting Herman and leaving one of his eyeballs out of its socket, as per Gerard's visions.

They both end up in hospital, where Gerard tells the doctor and personnel of the hospital, some of them already seen in the conference, that Christine is actually a witch that killed three men in the videos, and that he was intended to be the fourth man. At that point we see the apparently "real" sequences of the men being mostly murdered; the parachute failed, the lion appears mysteriously, and the boat hits the man instead of avoiding it. The doctor seems not to believe him, and seeing him visibly upset, tries to calm him with an injection. We see Christine with another man he knew from the waiting room leaving the hospital in a car, after saying that she wanted to film him.

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