Spy Hard

Revealing mistake: When WD-40 is parachuting onto the island at the beginning, he throws a match through his parachute. As the shot changes, you can clearly see the smoke canister that was producing the effect of the parachute being on fire, swinging from beneath the canopy.

Visible crew/equipment: In the scene near the end of the film, when Steele gets out of a Volkswagen Beetle, as he opens the car door the reflection of the cameraman and some crew members are visible.

Factual error: When WD-40 is at the restaurant, the waiter starts talking about himself. He tells the agent he drives a 1969 Ford Pinto, but the Pinto wasn't introduced until 1971.

Revealing mistake: When it shows the guy who had his arms blown off when he isn't wearing fake arms, his body is obviously wider, indicating that he hid his arms under his shirt.

Continuity mistake: When Dick is braking the bus with his feet, lots of sparks come from his shoes. When the shot changes to an outdoor view of the bus, there are no sparks to be seen underneath the bus.


Continuity mistake: Dick removes some lid from the bottom of the bus so he can stick his legs out to reach the road. In the next shot when the bus is flying "Speed"-like there is no hole to be seen.


Continuity mistake: Dick's in the lab talking about new technologies. If you look at the can, its lid pops up twice.

Low Cow

Audio problem: On the swamp boat there is a shot of the boat taken from a distance, but still you can see that Kabul's mouth is not moving for a second when he speaks.


Continuity mistake: In the first sequence, when Victoria Dahl falls from a cliff, several shots show her from above and from the same level as she clings to Dick Steele's hand and starts to fall, then a last shot shows her from below as she wags her arms in an attempt to reach the water safely. In the first shots she is wearing sandals, whereas in the shot from below she (perhaps a stunt-woman) is wearing closed shoes.

Dick Steele, Agent WD-40: You carry a UB-21 Schnauzer with a Gnab silencer. That's KGB. You prefer an H&K over an A.K. Your surveillance technique is NSA. Your ID is CIA. You received your Ph.D. at NYU. Traded in your GTO for a BMV. You listen to CDs by R.E.M. and STP. And you'd like to see J.F.K. in his BVDs, getting down with O.P.P. And you probably put the toilet paper back on the roll with the paper on the inside.

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Trivia: When Dick Steele rides the horse into the elevator, the two people already in the elevator are Loren Janes and his wife Ginger. They both appeared in the movie "True Lies" which is parodying the scene portraying the same couple in the same situation. Loren Janes even provided the stunts for this movie too.

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