Basic Instinct

Basic Instinct (1992)

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Corrected entry: In the bathroom scene, Nick calls Roxy "Rocky." He gets her name right later when he is talking to Katherine.

Correction: He was calling her "Rocky" because of her attitude towards him during this scene. He is just expressing his opinion of her personality towards him.

Corrected entry: Where does the first cigarette Tremell smokes during the interrogation go? There is no ashtray and it's not on the floor - which you see quite a few minutes later.

Jacob La Cour

Correction: Unless you can see the ENTIRE floor (which you can't in the scene) you can't say it's not there.

Jason Hoffman

Corrected entry: The address listed for Catherine, on Divisadero street, does not exist in San Francisco - the street stops before it gets to that number.

Correction: This is very common in films. Just like using fake 555 phone numbers. It prevents people from dialing those numbers and visiting those address. Not a mistake.

Soylent Purple

Corrected entry: During the car chase scene, he drives down some stairs or a pavement. At the bottom his license plate falls off, but in the next scene, it's back.

Correction: It is not the license that flies is a NO PARKING sign. However, it is still a mistake because there is a dark area where the white California license should be.