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Corrected entry: In the bathroom scene, Nick calls Roxy "Rocky." He gets her name right later when he is talking to Katherine.

Correction: He was calling her "Rocky" because of her attitude towards him during this scene. He is just expressing his opinion of her personality towards him.

Corrected entry: Where does the first cigarette Tremell smokes during the interrogation go? There is no ashtray and it's not on the floor - which you see quite a few minutes later.

Jacob La Cour

Correction: Unless you can see the ENTIRE floor (which you can't in the scene) you can't say it's not there.

Corrected entry: The address listed for Catherine, on Divisadero street, does not exist in San Francisco - the street stops before it gets to that number.

Correction: This is very common in films. Just like using fake 555 phone numbers. It prevents people from dialing those numbers and visiting those address. Not a mistake.

Soylent Purple

Corrected entry: During the car chase scene, he drives down some stairs or a pavement. At the bottom his license plate falls off, but in the next scene, it's back.

Correction: It is not the license that flies is a NO PARKING sign. However, it is still a mistake because there is a dark area where the white California license should be.

Continuity mistake: During the big sex scene you see red marks on Michael Douglas's back. These red marks are from when Sharon Stone scratches him. The thing is, she scratches him a minute AFTER you see the red marks on him for the first time.

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Nick: How did you feel when I told you Johnny Boz had died, that day at the beach?
Catherine: I felt somebody had read my book and was playing a game.
Nick: But you didn't hurt.
Catherine: No.
Nick: Because you didn't love him.
Catherine: That's right.
Nick: Even though you were fucking him.
Catherine: You still get the pleasure. Didn't you ever fuck anybody else while you were married, Nick?

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Question: Did Stone have a motive for all that she did or was she nuts and doing it all for fun?


Answer: She is portrayed as a psychopath with an uncontrollable urge to kill.


I wouldn't say that she had an "urge" to kill. Rather, she was willing to "dispose" of people by killing them. She would kill people who were in her way or were no longer interesting/useful.

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