Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets

Continuity mistake: Laureline is not wearing a safety harness when talking to Valerian, but it appears and disappears several times as the shot cuts back and forth to Valerian. Laureline then puts on the safety harness she was already wearing.

Continuity mistake: When Bubbles is dancing for Valerian, as the cat, she whips the drink in Valerian's hand and knocks out of the flower in the glass. The next shot shows Valerian putting the glass down on a table and the flower is now back in the glass.

Continuity mistake: When Valerian makes the thug fall through the floor in Big Market it leaves a hole behind, but when he is chased out a few moments later the hole is gone.

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Suggested correction: The hole is still there. It's just not visible in most of the shots because it's blocked by Valerian or the camera angle is too high. When it cuts to him running out of the doorway, it's again mostly blocked by characters. When it's not blocked, you can see the hole.


Jolly the Pimp: Rules are rules and this is a place where we make love, not war.

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Trivia: The welcoming Captains were writers and directors who have worked with Luc Besson.

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Question: Troops were sent to check out the mysterious toxic stuff in the centre of the space city but none returned (as mentioned by Clive Owen). Later it is discovered there is no toxicity. It seems extremely out of character for the pearls to have killed a whole unit of soldiers. This plot point was never explained. Were they killed by the pearls?

Answer: It is never answered, but it's safe to assume the commander has been killing the teams with his guard robots.

Thats nonsense because the commander didn't know the pearls were there so no reason to kill the teams. It was classified toxic because nobody returned, possibly incapacitated by the pearls to avoid discovery but not killed.


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