Pardon Us

Pardon Us (1931)

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Continuity mistake: When Stan and Oliver say "A-ha!" during the classroom scene, we cut back to the teacher and there is a large book on the left hand side of his table. But in the next shot, three more books are now on top of the large book.

Continuity mistake: When Stan and Oliver approach a group of singing prisoners in the prison yard, Stan's outer shirt is buttoned, but Oliver's is not. In the next shot, we see a close-up of Stan and Oliver and Oliver's shirt now has a button fastened.

Continuity mistake: When Stan drops Oliver onto his head from the cell block during the riot, Oliver's head makes a crack in the pavement. In the next shot, there is a hole but the crack has disappeared.

Continuity mistake: After being arrested for selling homemade beer, Laurel and Hardy are taken to prison and brought into a room to have their photos taken. There is a large window behind the chair where each man is supposed to sit, but in the close-ups of Ollie, and then Stan, sitting in the chair, the window is gone and only a bare wall is behind the chair.

Continuity mistake: The second-story room of the prison warden's daughter is on fire and she is screaming for help. Stan has trouble connecting a fire hose to a water valve and Ollie winds up completely drenched, but in all the following scenes where Ollie is using a ladder to try to rescue the woman, his clothes are dry.

Trivia: This was Laurel and Hardy's first feature-length comedy film.

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