The Siege of Jadotville
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General McEntee: Carry out your orders, commandant. Hold your ground. Defend Jadotville.
Pat Quinlan: With what? A firm tone?

Charles Cooley: What's it like getting shot?
Pat Quinlan: I wouldn't recommend it.

Madame LaFontagne: This place killed my husband. Radiation. The two bombs that America used on Hiroshima and Nagasaki came from the mines here in Jadotville.

Rene Faulques: You do realise that you are outnumbered by a factor of twenty.
Pat Quinlan: I see a lot of dead men here. None of them are mine.

John Gorman: I felt scared.
Pat Quinlan: It's only natural.
John Gorman: No, that's not it. I was scared. But then I liked it. The killing.
Pat Quinlan: It's what you're trained to do.
John Gorman: You didn't like it.
Pat Quinlan: Each man reacts differently to killing another man. None of us have done this before. Talk to me in a few days.

Pat Quinlan: We'll hold out until our last bullet is spent. We could do with that whiskey.

Factual error: In the beginning of the movie "at the height of cold war" a map of the world is shown with the Eastern and Western Block. Germany is shown as united - in 1961 it was still split between East and West.


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