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Ghost in the Shell (2017) is a mostly very faithful remake of the classic anime upon which it's based, at times shot-for-shot. Scarlett Johansson may not be Japanese, but she does an admirable job (along with convincing CGI) channelling the heroine as she and her partner battle through the technologically oppressive Neo-Tokyo background. If there's a fault with this movie, it's just for those who've seen and appreciated the original--there's little new for the fans of the original to take in beyond the SFX. Some of the characters are wooden, and the spider tank isn't was visually striking as it could have been, but overall this a solid remake, though not entirely necessarily a needed one.

Erik M.

"Ghost in the Shell (2017) " attracted so much controversy during production that most audiences just wouldn't give it a chance. And it's a shame, because as far as adaptations go, this is a pretty darned solid and entertaining effort. It successfully reworks the heady and complex original into an accessible sci-fi thriller, and a lot of effort was put into its production. I also enjoyed the fact that it did at least touch on many of the themes of prior adaptations. Sure, it may not be quite as "smart" as the 1995 film or the original manga... but it's still a slick, exciting film. And I'm glad I gave it a chance and saw it on the big screen! I loved the original anime film. I love its follow-up "Innocence." And I pretty much loved this film, too.


Dr. Ouelet: We cling to memories as if they define us, but they don't. What we do is what defines us.

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Trivia: The original voice actors from the 1995 Japanese anime film and its sequel provided the dubs for their characters for the Japanese release.

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Question: This movie is one of a few I've seen to display the title twice during the opening credits. It appears in a plain font at the start of the credits, then appears in a more stylized font at the end of the credits. Why do some movies do this? It seems a little redundant.


Answer: A lot of movies will put a title card at the end of the film before the credits. It's usually to cap off the movie so that it's the last thing you see or think about when you leave (especially back in the day when you didn't sit around to watch for an extra scene). They want it to be redundant so you don't forget (repetition is the key to learning). Most movies (if not all) also have the movie's name at the very end of all the credits too. But I assume for copyright or other legal reasons, the same way a book publisher might print the book's title on every page of the book.


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